White House race comes to San Francisco: Democrats arriving with hopes, baggage

 · The race amongst Democrats has set up as a north vs. south battle of the former mayors – The San Francisco Chronicle endorsing Newsom, and the Los Angeles Times endorsing Villaraigosa.

White House race comes to San Francisco: Democrats arriving with hopes, baggage san francisco chronicle. Fourteen Democratic presidential candidates are coming to the California Democratic Party convention looking for money, volunteers and some kind of sign that.

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Perhaps most strikingly, while the white working class continued to earn more than the working poor of other races, only 24 percent of white voters believed that the next generation would be.

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San Francisco Chronicle. Joe Biden looks like he could win, but looks can be deceiving. The gloves are beginning to come off in the crowded democratic race for the White House that so far has resembled more of a tea party than a barroom brawl.. Symone Sanders insisted that she wanted "to.

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Pelosi’s taking the smart strategy of focusing on the election rather than on impeachment or "inherent contempt," another Democratic fantasy strategy that has emerged recently. Many House Democrats – especially those who have tough re-election campaigns coming in 2020 – will stick with Pelosi.

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 · As a result, in cities that use this kind of "preferential" election — San Francisco, Minneapolis, Oakland and a few others — the winners tend to be candidates who campaign on positive agendas. Slinging mud tends to be a losing strategy. Why, then, doesn’t Obama advocate preferential elections for Congress? Perhaps because they don’t go far.

 · I wasn’t closely following the midterm elections campaign, but the results seemed to be about as expected for Donald Trump and the Republicans. With some races still undecided, the Democrats will apparently pick up close to 35 House seats, giving them solid control, and also a half-dozen governorships, while losing at least a couple of Senate seats.

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