Colorado Rockies: Where Coors Field ranks among MLB’s gimmicky parks

I’m not far removed from the days when I would sit with friends and critique MVP ballots and preseason predictions. This was my first year filling out an actual ballot, and while I’m happy with it,

We examined a number of metrics for all 30 MLB parks to rank the absolute best and worst baseball stadiums in America.. 11. Coors Field . Colorado Rockies Denver, Colorado

Coors Field lacks the historical references to baseball and/or team history of most other MLB parks, but it gets somewhat of a pass because of the Rockies short franchise history. While it’s very minor, Coors also features one of the most rudimentary kids’ playground areas I’ve seen in an MLB park.

Humidors or no humidors, Coors Field has been-and will continue to be-the most extreme hitter-friendly park in baseball due to its high altitude. It’s something the team has embraced, as noted.

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A Colorado Good Morning by Jim Garrison Colorado Rockies: Where Coors Field ranks among MLB’s gimmicky parks Ranking MLB’s Most Pitcher-Friendly Ballparks, by the Numbers – That said, we’ll still look at the 2014 numbers in order to see how parks are currently playing and. That Citizens Bank Park, Coors Field and Great American Ballpark rank among the most hostile.Kamala Harris.

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For our example, we’ll use the 2014 Colorado Rockies and figure out what the park factor for runs scored at Coors Field would. is tied with Atlanta’s Turner Field for the fifth-lowest mark among.

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